Distinguished with two Michelin stars, Belcanto opened in 1958, in Chiado. Its privileged location in Lisbon’s historical centre, its discrete service and cuisine quickly won over the capital’s elites. José Avillez’s Belcanto opened in the beginning of 2012, totally refurbished. In that same year, it was awarded a Michelin star, and, in 2014, it received a second one, making it the first restaurant in Lisbon to have this honour. In 2015, Belcanto was elected one of the best 100 restaurants in the world by the prestigious “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List”. At Belcanto, José Avillez invites us on an incomparable gastronomic and sensory journey. Here, he offers a revisited Portuguese cuisine to an exclusive set of ten tables in a sophisticated atmosphere that makes us travel from the old romantic Chiado to the future.

José Avillez

Portuguese and a chef, José Avillez’ main focus is to promote Portuguese gastronomy and to contribute to making Portugal a top gastronomic destination. He’s considered one of the great references of gastronomy in Portugal and has stood out because of his enterprising spirit and of his drive to keep pushing further. Currently, José Avillez has several restaurants in Lisbon and in Porto, each with a different concept, but all expressing his passion for cuisine.

At Belcanto, distinguished with two Michelin stars, José Avillez offers a revisited Portuguese cuisine, in the style that truly defines him and expresses his creative evolution.


At Belcanto, José Avillez offers a revisited Portuguese cuisine to an exclusive set of ten tables. To be able to provide an excellent experience, upon making your reservation, we will ask you to please confirm your interest by providing a credit card number over the phone. This information will only be used to secure the reservation and there won’t be any debits in the event of a show.

The booking may be changed or cancelled by telephone or email up to 48 hours in advance, at no cost. In the 48 hours prior to the reservation, we will contact you by phone to confirm the reservation. If you are not able to answer our call, we ask you to please reach us by phone or by email. If it isn’t possible to confirm the reservation in the 48 hours prior to the reservation, the reservation will be cancelled at no cost.

If you wish to make a reservation, please call us on (+351) 21 342 06 07.

Belcanto is closed on Sundays and Mondays.


"The light, the life, the places, the people. The history, the river, the land, the sea. This is where we grow, are inspired, walk, live. Cuisine is our fado, how we express ourselves."

José Avillez