Lisbon, Portugal

“We’re nonconformists by nature.”

José Avillez

At Belcanto, José Avillez offers a unique gastronomic and sensory journey.
Here he offers contemporary Portuguese cuisine in a sophisticated setting that takes us on a journey in time, from Chiado’s old romantic past to the future.

With two Michelin stars and currently #25 on “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants List”, Belcanto is located at Lisbon’s historic centre, offers an attentive, welcoming and discreet service, and an extraordinary wine selection that showcases some of the best Portuguese wines as well as other celebrated international references.

“The light, the life and the people.
The history, the sea, our regions.
Portugal. This is where we live and grow, are inspired, tread.
Cuisine is our fado, our way of expression.“

José Avillez

Belcanto offers some of the best Portuguese flavours
in different menus that recreate, reinvent
and take the traditions of Portuguese cuisine further.
At Belcanto, we cultivate some of the fundamental traits of Portuguese culture and identity
– hospitality, attention to detail and genuine care with those who sit at our table.
We take great pride in our country’s exceptional products
spread out through different, contrasting terroirs.
At Belcanto, we tell the long story of Portuguese cuisine.

“To cook, serve and nourish. To care for those who sit at our table.
The ingredients and technique, the dedication and passion of each cook and each waiter.
The search for the perfect balance between creativity, the new, the unique and unknown,
with the classic, the ingredient, the raw material in its most natural state,
as it arrives at our door, with the least intervention.
The disturbing realization that there may be magic in the simplest,
most obvious, ultimate detail of a creative surge.
Emotional memories, reencountering the past
and the transformation of unique recollections captured in a bite.
The heritage of a fascinating past discovering new seas, lands, peoples and products.
Exploring a bustling present and passionately imagining the future.
We are history, memory, knowledge, creativity, dream, emotion and action.
The chicken or the egg, traditional or vanguard,
who came first, what stirs us, deepens our feelings and makes us travel.
Yesterday, today or tomorrow – a dateless, timeless cuisine, with all the time in the world.
Apparently hermetic at times, again and again constantly evolving.
A startling journey through a whirlwind of emotions?”

José Avillez


Between Belcanto’s kitchens, José Avillez created a special place, unique and exclusive – the Chef’s Table.
Here, guests can watch the team’s careful and thorough work while enjoying a tasting menu, accompanied by a special wine menu suggested by the sommelier Nádia Desidério.

Belcanto’s wine list is wide-ranging, diversified
and has over 350 entries.
About 80 % of the wines are Portuguese,
but there is also a wide selection of wines from all over the world.
Sparkling wines, champagnes, whites, reds, late harvests, Port and Madeira.
Different styles, contrasting regions, large and small-scale producers.
Young and old wines, including aged gems and rare wines.

José Avillez

Executive Chef

Considered one of the great Portuguese Chefs, José Avillez stands out because of his enterprising spirit and drive to keep pushing further.

Américo dos Santos

Pastry Chef

Dedicated and gente, puts his heart and soul into everything he does. When he’s not busy with a finger in every pie, he enjoys doing research on Portuguese gastronomy. He likes to play padel, jog and read.

Olívia Moreno

Kitchen Porter

Hard-working, strong-minded and easy-smiling. She dedicates her free time to her family, the centre of her world.

Luís Reis


A tireless worker, always ready to help. A father of 4 and Benfica fan who enjoys Reading, sports, cinema and cheering everybody up with his bad jokes.

João Leitão


Driven by relentlessness, he loves music, sports and travelling to new gastronomic horizons.

Nádia Desidério

Restaurant Manager and Head Sommelier

A woman of action who never avoids the gym. In her free time, she visits farms and vineyards, participates in wine tastings and meets wine-producers.

Miguel Gomes


He wanted to study sports, but after na internship in the kitchen of Hotel Albatroz where he met Chef José Avillez, he turned to cooking and enrolled in the School of Hotel and Tourism in Estoril. In his spare time, he likes to play football and gather his friends around a lively table.

Filipa Figueiredo

Pastry Cook

Passionate about animals and a Scout of ten years. In the field of gastronomy, she always felt pastry was her calling, because she believes this área allows her to develop innovative ideas with deeper creative freedom.

José Duarte Gonçalves

Sous chef

A man of few words, collected and reserved. He studied contemporary art and thought of becoming na architect. Later he came to realize that he didn’t want to stray from the gastronomy world through his mom, a restaurante, a restaurante owner. Whenever he has time, he shares it with his closest friends.

Pedro Pinto

Kitchen Porter

Tireless worker, a dedicated and highly respected staff member. Na essential gear in the kitchen’s operation. A voluntary social worker who enjoys classical music and painting.

Patrícia Muraro

Sous chef

Loves the operational logistics of the kitchen and likes to end the day knowing that she "gave it her all" and "left no loose ends". She was born in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, and has a degree in Cuisine and Pastry. In her free time, she’s doing ceramics or yoga.

Rúben Ribeiro


Dedicates his time to his family and girlfriend and, finds the challenge of solving the puzzles in crime series addictive. Loves going out at night with his friends.

Dante Cerezo


Filipino, from the province of Pangasinan, where he was a táxi driver. Every day, when he gets off from work, he picks up his phone to be with his family who’s back in the Philippines. Sunday, after mass, he joins the Filipino community gatherings.

Rostyslav Fedotov


Ukrainian from Kherson, in Portugal since he was 6, "Ross" is known for his professional, discreet, elegant demeanour. He studied Equipment Design at Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts, but it was in haute cuisine, the art of hospitality and oenology that he found his vocation.

João Marques


His passion? Advising wines. His mission? "Awakening smiles" and make customers feel good. He graduated from the Lisbon Hotel School. In his spare time, he likes to study, taste wines, and hang out with his friends.

Ricardo Guimarães


Optimistic, methodical, and organised, this Portuguese northerner likes to meet new people, from different countries and cultures. He has a degree in Hotel Management from the Hotel School of Viana do Castelo. Above all, he values his roots and his family.

Matilde Dongrie


Enthusiast and communicator par excellence, knows how to welcome like no other. She also takes care of reservations and solves unexpected situations... with a smile. She’s a Psychology major, but music holds a special place in her heart (she did a singing course in London and back vocals for HMB band).

Nelson Cardoso


His colleagues say he’s charismatic, but he prefers to describe himself as someone who’s curious and wants to learn, be it geopolitics, art, or oenology. He graduated from the Estoril Hotel School. He feels great about being able to offer unique moments to Belcanto's guests.

Beatriz Pacheco


She likes to host! Born and raised in northern Portugal, but finished her degree in Lisbon, at the School of Hospitality and Tourism. She spends her free time riding her motorbike, walking her dog and volunteering at a kennel.

José Ferreira


He loves the world of wine, pairing and gastronomy. And he spends much of his time reading about it and learning about the market. On his days off, he goes surfing in Guincho or Carcavelos as soon as he wakes up. Being out in nature inspires him.

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